About Delabud Creations & Contact info

To contact me please email to delabudcreations@gmail.com

Here you will discover a world of beautiful handmade pieces . Each piece is made with love and care in my studio in Cork City and empowered with Reiki energy to give the wearer a boost in both body and mind . I fell in love with creating anything with beads and working with clay when I joined a class in my local community center after having my daughter . From there I learned a variety of crafts but kept coming back to working with beads and clay and from then Delabud Creations was born . My new range of resin jewellery makes my heart sing . To know that while living in a city and not have the countryside at my fingertips  I can still use the little flowers that grow in my tiny patch  of garden . I picked these carefully , preserve them and then layer them in resin to create nature close to your heart.

Email- delabudcreations@gmail.com

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